Construct your dungeon. Summon your monster girls. Slaughter your foes.

When the Inkolana Cartel’s experimental computer network comes under attack, they give white-hat hacker Clay Knight two hours to fix the problem.

If he succeeds, he’ll be rich beyond his wildest dreams.

If he fails, he’s a dead man.

But when Clay hacks the hackers, he stumbles into an ancient ritual that summons him to the dusty, forgotten world of Soketra. In this strange new land, Clay finds dungeons, monsters, and a fierce pride of beautiful cat women who believe he is the reincarnation of the ancient Dungeon Lord Rathokhetra. With a band of bloodthirsty dungeon raiders on his doorstep, Clay must master his new abilities and gather guardians for his territory to save himself and his army of warrior women from a fate darker than death.

At a glance: 

  • Is this book LitRPG? Yes. Dungeon Bringer is a “crunchy” LitRPG/Dungeon Core with stats, maps, and game mechanics. 
  • Are there any Harem Elements? Yes. Light Harem, no explicit sex 
  • What retailers can I find the book on? Amazon 
  • Is the Book enrolled in Kindle Unlimited? Yes! 
  • How long is the book? 90K Words; approximately 360 print pages 
  • Audiobook details: The book will be produced by James Patrick Cronin, and is set to record early next month. 
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