Come Into My Parlor Said The Spider To The Dragon.

Steven Drokharis has unraveled the secrets of the Dragonknights, journeyed to strange worlds, and gathered an ancient race of warriors… all to face the Zothoric, and their mistress, the Horror Mother. Now, he waits for the final battle. Many have tried before and failed, including alternate versions of himself. Is this the culmination of his plans, or his last chance to run?

And what about Tara Heridan? The half-turned Prosha hears the Utereich’s whispers in her dreams, and they feel darkly delicious. Will love bring her back, or will she betray Steven and embrace an eternity of hunger?

With new allies and old enemies assembled, Steven can feel the end approaching. His own Morta core thrums with the dark queen’s approach. Who is he willing to sacrifice for victory? The power he needs to win may cost him everything.

All of reality hangs in the balance in the final chapter of the Zothoric Wars. 

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