Can Dax and the Heroes of Kinarth survive their final year at the Academy?

After the harrowing events of their previous year, Dax and his fellow students spend their summer trying to relax before returning for their third and final year at the Kinarth Academy of Champions. But, all is not as it seems. A creeping dread follows the mage and his friends as they try to return to a normal life. Dax finds himself trying to reconcile his card magic technique with the changing face and future of his world, while an unknown hunger tugs on his very sanity.

Returning to the Academy, Dax and his friends must endure their final exam. A champion trial where students must pass in order to graduate. It is whispered among many students, the champion trial is a life or death exam and not everyone returns from it, mentally or physically.

Can Dax overcome a growing insatiable hunger in his soul? Can his friends band together when their very lives hang in the balance? Will their futures come crashing down when a shadowy darkness tempts them with power none of them ever thought was possible?

Book 3 of the Card Mage Series!

Card Mage: Silent Society is for mature readers, 18 and up.

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