Apocalypse Gates, Book 3

Alvin had another rough week, but at least this time, he had Gothy with him.  

Travelling from Utah to Nevada, they were able to set up two more Settlements. Then they had to visit the world of Fey to rescue the kids of the Beatty, Nevada, Settlement. Just when things looked like they were going well, the Developers got involved.  

With the very rules of the game changing, Alvin found himself in a new position. Gothy pledged herself to him through the game system, leaving her collared and bound to obey his every whim. Coming to terms with their new relationship, Alvin wondered what would come next.  

He wasn’t expecting a road trip north to loot an abandoned town, nor the dragon that guarded it. What came as the biggest surprise was the chance encounter with a fantasy race whose gate had opened. What would come of this fateful meeting?  

This audiobook contains adult situations, in all their horror and glory, including sex, abuse, drug use, and murder. It also contains graphic sex scenes that portray elements of BDSM. You’ve been warned.

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Centauri Bliss, book 1:

Quinn doesn’t have much to his name but a broken-down old freighter; even keeping it fueled is a constant struggle on the edges of civilized space where jobs are scarce and honest ones non-existent.

With the death of the Emperor civilized space begins to dissolve into squabbling factions fighting for control and beautiful new passengers aboard Quinn’s ship all bring their own load of problems and opportunities.

Centauri Honor, book 2:

The Centauri Bliss has a new home on the edges of civilized space, eking out a living even as in the core the Imperium devolves quickly towards a civil war. When a job goes bad Quinn must work to keep his family same as dangers mount, even as an ancient magical threat is unleashed.

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While working to stay alive and to keep the ship flying the Centauri continues to try to find a balance, and truly begins to discover its power with the combined set of talents each brings.

Warning: This book has explicit sex, nudity, murder, and a lot of crime. There is a harem, a hot alien, a cheerful robot, a kick-ass lawyer, a xeno-archaeologist in a snazzy hat. It’s space fantasy and space opera, with a healthy dose of magic, and hard science doesn’t apply – and a galactic threat is rising.

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