Following their successful raid on the Silken Cage, Badger and his crew are looking forward to some time to recover and lick their wounds before continuing the fight against the insidious Grey Moon human trafficking ring. But any rest they’ve earned is cut short when mysterious things begin happening around the compound and Badger discovers that there is a lot more to the Grey Moon’s experiments than Leif Vorn’s obsession with Bio-engineering vampires.

Badger has to figure out the extent of their experiments and put a stop to them once and for all before the ring finds his team’s hideaway, and they’re overrun by Leif Vorn’s lackeys.

Along the way, he discovers just how close a relationship his ladies are wanting, and a few new faces join his growing family of beautiful femme fatale’s.

Dark Star RisingĀ is an urban fantasy action-adventure story with explicit sexual content and herem elements. It is intended for mature readers only.

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