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Harem GameLit Highlight: Sex, Gods and Monsters

Bedding monster girls and an impossible murder plot

That’s what awaits Iphicles on his quest for justice and revenge across the ancient Greek world and beyond.
Fed up with being ignored and outright insulted by Zeus, the worn-out hero Iphicles plots a daring assassination with the help of the magical Iesous to put an end to the chaos his father wreaks on Greece, a land whose mythological reputation is slipping away with most of the heroes dead, the great wars fought, and the horrifying monsters slain.
Before long though, Iphicles finds that there is still magic and adventure left to be found in the world, just not the kind that the rhapsodes would recite.
From pirate attacks to stoner forest-dwellers, Sex, Gods, and Monsters is packed with thrilling adventure, bloody battles, and enough monster girl fun to make even Aphrodite blush.

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