In the new world, republics are a thing of the past, and the law is whatever the corporations say it is. There is no cash. Only credit. And the only thing more important than your balance is your social standing.

Guilds of highly trained corporate soldiers defend the Suits and Pearls of Silk City while the crime Syndicates of Jaxton look to leech off of the companies and common people alike.

In short, it’s tough out there, so it’s best to just stay out of it all. Keep a low profile.

That was exactly what Konnor Kayde was doing. He was just like any other Jaxton street rough. Scraping by while the Suits and Pearls of Silk City lapped up a life of luxury on their side of the bay. In a world with little opportunity and less good fortune, Konnor made the best of his situation, winning a martial arts championship at a young age.

When a rare nerve condition ends his career prematurely, Konnor attempts to join a Silk City Guild, but ends up getting embroiled in a campaign of violence, espionage and … well, some good stuff too, when the Silk City Vixens recognize his unique talents, and decide to use him to turn the war for Silk City in their favor.

Warning: contains extremely spicy content. For mature audiences only.

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