For the first time, Kyle and his family have the chance to take advantage of a weakness in the Dawn organization. But to seize that chance, they will need support. As successful as they’ve been in staying alive, they are not capable of planning a large-scale attack against a hardened target.

To that end, Kyle hatches a plan to expand their team using a contact within a nearby military organization. With the federal authorities reeling from the Persterim disaster, they hope to find warriors willing to fight for the right for everyone to exist and take down the eugenicist nightmare threatening to plunge the world into a dark era.

But recruiting that help will only be the first battle. The Dawn is an international organization, with connections and power bases spread around the whole globe. If they are ever to be defeated, then something drastic might need to be done. Not by someone with nothing to lose. Rather, by someone with a cherished family he has to protect at all costs.

===== Fair Warning =====

This book is the next leap taken by the characters into a dystopic future as it continues to crumble. There will be violence, emotional turmoil, dark subject matter, and some intense, highly erotic scenes which include harem elements, light BDSM play and lots of sexy fun.

For the entertainment of adults only!

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